You are the one! 

Though you ain’t mine anymore

Whenever I tell this my throat goes sore

I will still love you the same 

Our love will never go in vain

I miss you even more every passing day

The price of our ego why should our love pay

With you my life makes every sense

The only thing which kills me is your absence

I have no idea what went wrong

But this state of misery let’s not prolong

We always fight like cats and dogs

You are the real reason behind my blogs

We are meant to be and nothing can change that

I often stare at the bench on which we once sat

I don’t care how much people will hate me

But if they call this forbidden love that’s what I plea

I may not have the strength to fight them all

But I promise I will never let out love fall 

Your love is everything I ever wished for

And I will save it even if I have to become Thor

And now I feel a part of me is missing 

You are the only thing I want as a gift, charity or blessing

So no matter how long it takes I will wait

Because for true love my darling it’s never too late 





The guy in the white shirt! 

The misty morning in a polluted city 
You were dressed in white antiquity

I was just starring at the guy in front of my eyes

Little did I know he was going to be the love of my life 

There was something different about him

He was far away from all the brims 

Something about him was distinctive

Oh lord! He was becoming addictive

His smile stuck in like a dart

I told him everything about my life, each and every part 

He was so intimidating in that haze

His presence burnt my sorrows in a blaze 

I just wanna freeze that moment in my mind

When he looked into my eyes and I went blind

All of it was so sensational and so enchanting

He was the wizard who came in transforming


​A feeling that can break you from inside

If it strikes, one must never try to hide!

The feeling is nauseous and drives you insane

Everything seems a challenge, even flying in airplane! 
Running away from it is really lame

Try and talk about it, though it doesn’t get you fame! 

Sometimes it troubles you so much that you wanna run away

Doesn’t matter where you are, whether it is night or day! 
People have the fear of exams, water, height and for some the dark

A lot of elders say “it’s a bad omen” in the night when dogs bark!

Never let a black cross your way, it’s bad for you

And about the forwarded messages and videos, the stories are brand new! 
Don’t try to run away, you really can’t

Because it’s somewhere deep inside you, though you don’t want!

Head up, stay strong and face it like a hero

No doctor can help, cardi, gyno, ortho or neuro! 
Fight it like a warrior and show it, you’re better

That’s obviously better than writing a suicide letter! 

You can always overcome it, believe in yourself, my dear

Nothing is actually wrong, it’s just inside you, the fear! 

A friend who matters!

Its hard to find a friend who matters because he never lets you down

The friendship can undergo anything and everything without a frown

The bond shared is beyond definitions and boundaries

The friend stands next to you in ‘N’ number of miseries


Lots of fights and arguments may take place

But either of them apologizes in every case

Let it be a competition or an examination

They face it together with determination


But like everything ends one day

That awesome friend goes away

The hopeless part is when life of one betrays

“please! come back dear” the other one says


Every daydream turns out to be a nightmare

Lots of pain but there is no one to share

The whole world of the other scatters

After loosing the friend who matters:)